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Free paint correction detailing seminar in Ottawa

Check out our free detailing Seminar in June!

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SONAX Wheel cleaner strikes again!


Robert from Ottawa sent us these pics of his cleaning job on his winter ride's wheels.

These wheels never got cleaned during the winter months and as you can see, got plenty of brake dust and other contaminants to remove.


Robert simply sprayed the SONAX wheel cleaner and let it sit and do its thing.  SONAX Wheel Cleaner sprays on as a yellow/greenish color and as it breaks down the break dust and other contaminants, it turns to purple

Once the cleaner has done its thing, the color will be...

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Store News

We recently held a free Automotive detailing seminar at Slick Automotive Solutions.

Andre at Slick is one of Ottawa's only certified Opti-Coat installers and knows a thing or two about detailing.

It was a great success, we were glad to see a few professional detailers amongst the crowd and they helped out by throwing in their tips and tricks along the way. Great vibe, good questions and even better answers.  

Andre and I with a quick introduction.

We had a attendee drive their car in to use our products on.  Everyone was free to try...

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Paintless Scratch Removal (PSR) on BMW paint

Shop Talk

A customer of ours recently experienced a hit and run, fortunately, the damage was mainly paint transfer with some clear coat damage that was easily repaired by us.

Everything we used for this job is available at our online store.  

After washing the car and decontaminating the paint, we began by removing the light marker so we could have full and clear access to the damage.  This makes the buffing a lot easier, and no taping is required.

We used our Zentool 12EM buffer with the provided pad, and started with SONAX CutMax.  This process removed the paint...

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