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Toyota Highlander & SONAX NetShield


Mike from Constance Bay, Ontario sent in these pictures of the work he completed on his Toyota Highlanders paint.

As you can see by these pictures, this SUV needed help.  And were always glad to help you guys out to make this kind of work a lot easier and faster.

Even though this SUV had low mileage, the grime over the years had built up under that hood deflector.  Make sure you buy the proper tools and microfibre towels to be able to reach into low clearance areas to keep the paint clean & protected.

Mike used Optimum Power Clean to breakdown the heavy dirt and grime, lightly scrubbed the paint and rinsed off.  He followed up with a treatment of TRIX to remove any left over tar and iron particles (yellow/rust coloured dots on the paint) from the vehicles exterior.  Used Optimum No Rinse to wash down the vehicle.  

He then applied SONAX Polymer Netshield to seal it all up.  

Here is what he had to say about the products bought from us:

"I used Optimum power clean, scrubbed lightly with sponge, hosed off.  Then used TRIX.  Then ONR with 2 bucket method.. It looked good after doing the ONR, so I let it dry completely and then sealed it up with Sonax Net Shield. 

The stuff works amazing.   so awesome." 

Take a look at the after pics.  The Optimum Power Clean and TRIX really made a difference on that roof!

Nice deep shine left.



Thanks for sharing Mike!

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