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We recently held a free Automotive detailing seminar at Slick Automotive Solutions.

Andre at Slick is one of Ottawa's only certified Opti-Coat installers and knows a thing or two about detailing.

It was a great success, we were glad to see a few professional detailers amongst the crowd and they helped out by throwing in their tips and tricks along the way. Great vibe, good questions and even better answers.  

Andre and I with a quick introduction.

We had a attendee drive their car in to use our products on.  Everyone was free to try the products out and got to see them in action on a real daily driven car.

Andre providing a polishing demo and why using a pad washer (or cleaning your pads in anyway) is important for debris free polishing.

Myself providing further machine instructions, specifically to the kind of pressure these machines need.

Claybar demo.

Porsche paint before Optimum Hyper Polish/Orange Pad combo



Here is a quick recap of what we covered during this 4 hour seminar.

How to use Optimum No Rinse Soap (ONR)

Follow manufacturer instructions
Use a bucket with Grit guard insert
Do 1 panel at a time
Big Red Sponge or Microfiber towels to apply ONR. Use no or minimal pressure to apply ONR to the ENTIRE vehicle. ONR is great for convertible tops, windows, trim, etc. It makes a great instant detailer also.
Dirt and residue will be absorbed by ONR polymers and wiped away in the drying process

Paint & Wheel Decontamination

We compared SONAX Fallout remover, IRON-X Iron deposit remover and Optimum Ferrex. I think everyone really enjoyed that demo. Each product must be thoroughly rinsed away once it has done it's job of removing the rail dust.
How to Clay bar using ONR as your clay lube
Demo of Wheel Woolies and SONAX wheel cleaner

Paint Polishing

We had Rupes, Porter Cable, Zentool, and Flex buffers out for everyone to try. All safe and easy to use. If you're just starting; the Porter Cable polisher is an excellent tool to introduce a newb to the world of machine polishing.
Always start with a small section and determine level of correction that will be needed
Make sure your pad is always turning. If it isn't - adjust pressure or angle of the polisher
Let the pad, product and machine do the work, not a lot of pressure is needed
When using products such as Optimum Hyper Polish, no taping of trim is required
Not all paint jobs are the same. Some clearcoat are "hard" and will require several steps of correction to achieve a scratch and swirl free finish. This can include polishing with a wool pad and compound to a wet sand.

Paint Sealants and Coatings

Follow manufacturer instructions
After the paint decontamination and ONR process, we sealed the paint with Optimum Sealant. 1 spray per panel is all that was required.
We used Optimum Gloss Coat to protect the work we did on the hood of the Porsche 911.
Gloss coat is applied in side to side, up and down motions. Depending on various factors, Gloss-coat can take from 1 minute to 2 minutes to flash with the paint. We saw that after 1 min 30 seconds, 80% of the product had flashed and what was left over was high spots that we removed with a clean microfiber towel

Andre and I will host another seminar soon.  If you are interested, shoot us an email and we will ensure you are contacted with details of the next one!

Thanks for reading and happy detailing!


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