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Interior Only Package (with IRONX) on Toyota Matrix

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Here are some pictures of a recent Interior Only Package we performed on a Toyota Matrix.

As you can see, the car came to us with a heavily soiled exterior and a salt stained interior.  Part of our Interior Only Package includes an exterior wash with Optimum No Rinse & Wax to ensure that even if we are really concentrating on the vehicles interior with this package, you are still getting a clean and protected exterior when picking up your vehicle.  I just hate giving back a car with a clean interior and a dirty exterior.  The customer paid extra for full paint decontamination with Sonax Fallout remover, Optimum Power clean to remove tar/dead insects, and we then followed up with a claybar to remove anything the spray on liquids missed.

We use the 2 bucket method with every wash we do.  Our buckets are equipped with Grit Guards to ensure the grime is scraped off our wash-mits before every time it touches the paint.  The Grit guard also ensures the grime stays at the bottom of the bucket and away from the wash-mit.  This process minimizes new swirl marks being added to the paint.

After a thorough vacuuming, the carpet and the seats are cleaned with a hot water carpet extractor, with Optimum Carpet and Fabric cleaner in it.  Not only does it clean, but it leaves a polymetric protectant behind that repels dust and dirt, making future washes easier and faster.  Door jambs are degreased and waxed with ONR + Wax. Interior plastic and weather stripping is treated with PERL or Optimum Protectant Plus. Windows are cleaned and left streak free with water and the KD Cloth.


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