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Optimums Hyper Polish making black paint pop again!


Take a look at the DIY work James from Drive Side Ways performed on his 2009 Lexus LX570.  He used Optimum's line up of products to accomplish the work below.  They are very safe and easy to use products while being environmentally friendly at the same time.

The vehicle was washed with Optimum No Rinse (ONR), and the paint was decontaminated with Optimum's yellow clay bar, he used the ONR as the clay's lubricant.

James then used his Porter Cable buffer with Optimum's polishing pad & Optimum's Hyper Polish to permanently remove the swirl marks out of his vehicle's paint.  The pictures speak for themselves!



Look at the depth that polishing job added to the paint!  You can't even tell there's a shelf with a jerry can of gasoline in the 1st picture of the reflection.  Simply amazing!

When you look closely you can't help but notice the deeper scratches.  It is common that the deeper scratches would be more visible after completing an initial light polishing round.

My suggestion would be to use Optimum's compound with a more aggressive pad to remove those deeper scratches.  In many cases this can be done as your 1st polishing step.  So in James' case he could follow up with another pass using Optimum's Hyper Polish to remove the haze introduced by the compound and the heavier duty pad...otherwise, this paint looks absolutely fantastic for being 8 years old.  Great job!

Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.  And we are glad to hear the products met your expectations.  Thanks for your business and keep on doing a good job with those YouTube videos!

-Nate & the team

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