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Paintless Scratch Removal (PSR) on BMW paint

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A customer of ours recently experienced a hit and run, fortunately, the damage was mainly paint transfer with some clear coat damage that was easily repaired by us.

Everything we used for this job is available at our online store.  

After washing the car and decontaminating the paint, we began by removing the light marker so we could have full and clear access to the damage.  This makes the buffing a lot easier, and no taping is required.

We used our Zentool 12EM buffer with the provided pad, and started with SONAX CutMax.  This process removed the paint transfer and knocked down the damage done to the clear coat.  We followed up with SONAX EX 04-06 to restore the paint depth and shine.  

Once all said and done, we add a coat of Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax, this classic carnauba/polymer blend is Collinite's most durable coating. Holds up month after month against harmful outdoor corrosives.

Take a look at this Before/After shot!

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