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Paintless Scratch Removal (PSR) on BMW paint

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A customer of ours recently experienced a hit and run, fortunately, the damage was mainly paint transfer with some clear coat damage that was easily repaired by us.

Everything we used for this job is available at our online store.  

After washing the car and decontaminating the paint, we began by removing the light marker so we could have full and clear access to the damage.  This makes the buffing a lot easier, and no taping is required.

We used our Zentool 12EM buffer with the provided pad, and started with SONAX CutMax.  This process removed the paint...

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Interior Only Package (with IRONX) on Toyota Matrix

Shop Talk

Here are some pictures of a recent Interior Only Package we performed on a Toyota Matrix.

As you can see, the car came to us with a heavily soiled exterior and a salt stained interior.  Part of our Interior Only Package includes an exterior wash with Optimum No Rinse & Wax to ensure that even if we are really concentrating on the vehicles interior with this package, you are still getting a clean and protected exterior when picking up your vehicle.  I just hate giving back a car with a clean interior and a dirty exterior.  The customer paid extra...

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