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Track Side Two bucket from Optimum

Track Side Two bucket from Optimum


This package with the Grit Guard bucket inserts will ensure you have the best washing methods being used track side or at home.  Grit guards can be cut to fit various size of buckets but they drop right in most 5 gallon buckets.  This kit comes with 2 grit guards, an 8 oz bottle of ONR, 8 oz bottle of Optimum Tire Gel, 8 oz bottle of Optimum Fabric guard and cleaner, along with 8 oz bottle of Opti-Seal.  And let's not forget the famous Optimum Big Red Sponge.


Two bucket method

  1. Mix Optimum No Rinse & water according to instructions printed on bottle in 1 bucket
  2. Fill 2nd bucket with water
  3. Working your way from the roof top down; begin with putting your Optimum Big Red Sponge in your Optimum No Rinse and Water bucket and wash the roof
  4. Rinse your Big Red Sponge in the 2nd bucket with just water, scraping the sponge along the grit guard.  Ensure the spongel is clean and rinsed before putting it back with the ONR solution.
  5. Scrape again along Grit guard in bucket with ONR solution
  6. Using the Optimum Opti-Seal spray concentrate and your waffle towel, simply give one shot of the spray bottle on the roof and use your waffle towel to spread the solution and pick up the remaining Optimum No rinse solution that is on the car. 
  7. Repeat for each remaining panel.  One section at time.

Products are safe for all automotive surfaces, including wheels, tires, glass & vinyl.


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