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Track side waterless wash kit

Track side waterless wash kit


This little package packs a lot of cleaning power for those who are looking to get their ride cleaned after track days, touched up for the show & shine, or just a dusting between washes.

Kit includes a jug of Opti-Clean concentrate, and a Sonax Pressurized spray bottle. Clean your car track side in 20 minutes.  At the track or at the show and shine, your ride will be looking the best while saving you time and being good for the environment at the same time.


Spray bottle method - Great for track side cleaning!

  1. Mix Optimum Opti-Clean concentrate & water according to instructions printed on bottle
  2. Fill SONAX Spray Bottle with water and Opti-Clean solution
  3. Working your way from the roof top down; begin with spraying the solution on the roof of the car
  4. Lightly mist your microfiber towel with the solution, and wipe the roof clean.  Ensure you are using a clean side of your microfiber towel with each pass to minimize swirling.
  5. Repeat for each remaining panel.  One section at time.
Products are safe for all automotive surfaces, including wheels, tires, glass & vinyl.


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