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This package put together by us at will result in a swirl/scratch free, fully sealed and protected paint job.  Just like how the pros do it.  Final coat will be done with Optimum Gloss-Coat and will protect your paint from the elements for up to 2 years.  The package includes Optimum’s Car wash,  and Opti Eraser to decontaminate the paint before you perform a 3 step paint correction with the included compound, polishes and buffing pads.  We also include Optimum’s glass coating, which will allow you to do up to 20-30 windshields, this is an excellent product for Canadian car owners as it will prevent ice or snow from bonding to the glass surface.  You will use Optimum’s spray on tire shine to give your tires that deep black look you crave.


What’s included?


  • 2 X double sided Optimum Micro Fiber towels
  • 8oz bottle of Optimum Compound
  • 8oz bottle of Optimum Polish
  • 8oz bottle of Optimum Finish
  • 10cc of Optimum Gloss Coat
  • Gloss Coat Applicator pad
  • 60cc of Opti Glass Coat
  • 2 X 6.25” Microfiber Compound pads
  • 2 X 6.25” Microfiber Polishing Pads
  • 6.5” Blue Foam Pad
  • 4oz bottle of Optimum Car Wash
  • 4oz spray bottle of tire shine
  • Optimum Eraser (Light)





  1. Using the two bucket method, use 0.5oz of Optimum’s car wash and clean the vehicle.  Make sure to pay extra attention to the windshield, wheel well, tires and rims.
  2. Make your own clay lube with Optimum’s car Wash.  Insert a couple drops of car wash into a spray bottle, fill with water and voila!  You just made clay lube.  Start with 1 panel at a time, grab the included Opti Eraser next generation clay bar, spray on the clay lube and clean each panel with Opti Eraser by lightly scrubbing the surface in a back and forth motion.  The heavily soiled areas will be the lower half of the vehicles panels where road debris gets kicked up by the moving tires, and where brake dust burns into the paint.  The trunk lid, and rear of the vehicle will also be an area that will require a lot of elbow grease to get 100% contaminate free.
  3. Dry the vehicle with one of the provided Microfiber towels.
  4. Take out your buffer, and after reading the instructions on each bottle, begin the 3 step Polish:
    1. Start with Optimum Compound with the 6.25” Optimum Compound pad
    2. 2ndstep is to use the Optimum Polish with the 6.25” Optimum Polishing pad
    3. 3rdstep is to use Optimum Finish with the 6.5” blue Foam bad
  5.  Use the provided microfiber towels to remove the polish’s after it is broken down with the buffing process
  6. Using the two bucket method, again, you will wash the entire exterior of the vehicle.  This is done to ensure no dust is left over as it is critical that the paint be absolutely clean for the Opti Gloss-Coat to be applied.
  7. Dry the vehicle with one of the provided Microfiber towels.
  8. Using a 50/50 mixture of distilled water, and Isopropyl Alcohol in a spray bottle, use a microfiber towel to wipe down the entire vehicle to remove any polishes or compounds that were left over after the wash and polishing steps.
  9. Following the instructions here, seal and protect your windshield with Optimum’s Glass-Coat
  10. Following the instructions here, apply Opti Gloss-Coat to the entire exterior of the vehicle.  Gloss-Coat can be applied to any painted surface, as well as wheels, plastic trim, bumpers, aluminum & chrome.  Don’t forget, your basically applying a new layer of clear coat, this product needs time to cure/dry before being driven.  Please allow the necessary time for the product to completely dry.
  11. After the Gloss Coat is applied, apply some tire shine to the tires to finish off that deep wet look.
  12. Crack a beer open and admire your handy work

This process could take 40+ hours to finish for any any detailer, so ensure you give yourself plenty of time to accomplish this task.  The products in this kit will allow you to achieve a showroom finish and the level of correction is completely put to you!

We also recommend that the paint be maintained with Optimum No Rinse.

Happy detailing!

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