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Check this kit out!  Carry this in the back of your trunk, and you will have a portable car wash ready to go at anytime.  Late for the show and shine?  No problem - This kit has got you covered.

What's included?

  • Canada Car Care Pressurized Spray bottle
  • Optimum Protectant Plus 8oz Spray bottle
  • Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax 8oz
  • 4 oz bottle of Optimum Tire shine
  • Optimum Edgeless Premium Extra Plush MF Towel
  • Optimum Xtra Plush MF drying towel


  1. Mix Optimum No Rinse and Wax solution with water in the pressurized spray bottle
  2. One Panel at a time; from top to bottom
    1. Spray down each panel and the Optimum Edgeless Premium Extra Plush towel
    2. wipe in back and forth motion, trapping debris in MF towel
    3. ring out the MF towel often
  3. Use Optimum Xtra Plush MF Drying towel to dry and wipe off the haze introduced by the wash & Wax formula, this is the carnauba wax drying to the paint.
  4. Repeat process with wheels
  5. Apply tire shine to the tires use MF towel to wipe away any excess
  6. Touch up Interior stains and protect it with Optimum Protectant Plus

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