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Nanoprotex Nano Quartz

Nanoprotex Nano Quartz


This high-end treatment provides a high beading effect and a shiny surface. 

Vehicles treated with Nano Quartz will be protected for approximately 18 to 24 months. Washes will be done very easily with a minimum of soap.

This protective film provides a hardness of 9H to the original painting. 

Easy to apply. This sealant is desirable for paint, windows (as rain treatment), moldings and mag wheels. 


* Consumption of about 40 ml for 2 layers on a car.


- Easy to apply

- Long lasting protection

 -Kit 40 ml:

        - Cleaner 55 ml

        - Nano Quartz 40 ml

        - 1 sponge

 Installation Video:




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