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Nanoprotex Nano Vision

Nanoprotex Nano Vision


NANO-VISION windshield treatment provides extremely durable protection while allowing a very good flow of water. The treated windows will bead the water very easily at 80km / h speed and more.

In summer, NANO-VISION also makes it easy to remove stuck insects. In winter, it makes it easier to remove the layer of frost in the frozen windows.

It does not form any film on the windshield thus providing a vision of evening without veil and without dazzling.

When the effect decreases, it is only necessary to reapply the treatment. The NANO-VISION windshield treatment does not form successive layers when reapplied, it reform a protective layer whose thickness is about 1/10 000 of hair (about 3 microns).

* 1 pack covers 1 windshield

- Easy to apply

- Hydrophobic

- Makes driving safer and more comfortable

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