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Optimum Finish 32oz

Optimum Finish 32oz

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Optimum Finish was developed to create the most reflective finish possible. It will make the paint "POP" and the slickness is second to none. The sub-micron abrasives will correct, but not "over-correct", leaving the paint absolutely perfect. You can buff extensively and the polish will keep cutting if you need more correction.

When you are ready for that perfect final finish, the polish will back down and give you the ultimate gloss, reflection and shine. The polishing agents are encapsulated in proprietary polymers that protect the paint from dry buffing and prevent dusting. Simply put, Optimum Finish gives you the perfect finish every time. You may not need this polish on every single vehicle as the final step, but once you see the final result, you will be addicted to Optimum Finish.

As with all Optimum polishes, this incredibly smooth, long working, zero dust formula contains no fillers and is body shop safe, VOC compliant, and will work with any buffer, any buffing pad, and on any paint surface. It's virtually impossible to make a mistake with this product. Optimum Finish will give you professional results every time and turn your vehicle into a show car! Directions:

To apply Optimum Finish, use light to medium buffing pressure with a finishing foam pad. For high speed buffers, 1000-1400 RPM will provide excellent swirl removal and a flawless finish. The polish is aggressive enough to remove 2500 sand scratches, but fine enough to produce perfect results even with a high speed buffer. For orbital buffers, use a medium to light cutting pad with moderate speed and pressure for desired results. Always use enough polish to create a barrier between the buffing pad and the paint surface. Wipe off residue by misting either water or Optimum Car Wax and gently wiping off with a plush microfiber towel.

Always use enough product to create a barrier between the buffing pad and the paint surface. Wipe off residue by misting Optimum Car Wax on it and wiping it with a microfiber towel for a steak-free perfect finish. Can be used by hand or with an orbital or high-speed buffer.

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