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SONAX/Wheel Brush Package

SONAX/Wheel Brush Package

$30.00 $35.98

Wheel cleaner & brush combination

 What’s Included:


  • 500ml of SONAX wheel cleaner
  • 1 Wheel/Body Brush




  1. Grab a your SONAX wheel cleaner bottle
  2. Fill up a bucket with hot soapy water and put your brushes in it.
  3. Spray each wheel down with SONAX wheel cleaner
  4. Wait for SONAX wheel cleaner to break down the contaminants, you will see this by the liquid turning from yellow to purple.  May take up to 2 minutes for this to happen.
  5. Agitate the SONAX cleaner with the brush.
  6. Rinse the cleaner and the gunk you just lifted off the wheels & tires with clean water
  7. Go ahead.  Stare at your shiny wheels and tires.



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